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Superman is Dead, From Bali with Rock & USA Vans Warped Tour

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SID, punk rock pioneers of Bali, were born and bred in Kuta Rock City. The band is three chord attitude-heavy young men, by name : Bobby Kool (lead vocal, guitar, a dog lover and a graphic designer) , Eka Rock (low ridin' family man, beer drinker, laid back bass and backing vocal and a warm smilin' Rock 'N Roll bandman, IT warior) , Jrx (low ridin' beer drinking Rock 'N Roll prince charming, drummer and a hairwax junkie, Bar owner).The name 'Superman is Dead' started its' ev olution from Stone Temple Pilot's "Superman Silvergun". The name moved on to "Superman is Dead" cause they like the idea that there's no such thing as a perfect person out there. SID actually stumbled together in '95, drawn by their common love of Green Day and NOFX. Their influences soon extended to the punk 'n roll genre a la Supersuckers, Living End and Social Distortion, and here they stay. They say what they wanna say, how they wanna say it. In your face, to say it precisely.

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PROUD the word that only can describe this Balinese band. Superman is Dead(SID) is the Band  from Indonesia Representing Asia at the Vans Warped in America. Superman Is Dead (SID) will perform in 16 cities in America, in a series of tours 'From Bali With Rock' and 'Warped Tour 2009' on June 12 until July 9. SID vocalist Bobby Kool in Jakarta, Tuesday (19 / 5), say, two successive time the concert was a biggest dream for SID.

"This achievement of which we dreamed of as well as a foothold to open the eyes of our hearts of the music industry to be more fair to the art of alternative music," said Bobby.
Concert labeled "From Bali With Rock" was organized by "event organizer" from Philadelphia, Mastra Productions, a concert to promote Bali and Indonesia in general to the American public.
"Essentially we will promote Bali and Indonesia in particular as a beautiful place to visit with all the harmony and diversity," said Bobby.
Whereas in the Vans Warped Tour concert, SID is the second Asian bands that can penetrate one of the biggest music festivals in America.
"We are proud to be the first band in Indonesia and the second band in Asia that is able to hit the American public through the festival," said bassis SID, Eka Rock.
Previously, the band from the Bamboo Curtain country, China has managed to show off first in the American music festival. Vans Warped Tour is America's biggest music festival featuring independent bands such as NOFX, Green Day and The Offspring.
Senior Director of Artist and repertoire Sony BMG Indonesia, Jan Djuhana says Sony BMG is proud of its achievements in the international arena SID.
"SID be the pride because they represent Indonesia in the international music scene and juxtaposed with famous bands like NOFX and The Offspring," he said.

A total of 16 American cities to be visited SID of Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Pomona, San Francisco, Ventura, Phoenix, Las Cruces, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

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