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Mekare kare ( Pandan War), Bali Aga Village

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Pandan war tradition or often called mekare kare in the village of Tenganan. Peformed by young couple men wearing traditional costumes cloth of  Tenganan, bare-chested, who are complet ed respectively with pieces of thorny pandanous leaves as their arms on the right hand and an armour made of pleated rattan to protect themselves. This tradition takes place every year around June, usually for two days. Pandan war beginmekare kares with a ritual ceremony surrounding villages to beg for salvation, then the war started and then closed with pray at local temples equipped with Rejang Dance peformance.

Pandan War is a tradition of war games held once a year and a big ceremony held during the month. This tradition is part of the worship ritual  of the Tenganan community for the mighty of god Indra , the god of war are honored with the blood, so the attraction of pandan war done without a sense of vengeance. Mekare kare was done so voluntarily with cheery smile, even if it means hurting one another with pandanus thorns.

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Mekare kare, held at the Central Block (Patemu Tengah), preceded by a procession of the village members around the village accompanied by Baleganjur Gong orchestra at noon. Initiated with Geguron music play, Abwang dance performed by bachelors, then Mekare kare starts participated by anybody who is interested (even outsider or tourist). One of the conditions is he must be dressed up traditionally, no matter his age, young, old or even little boys. The stressing is on the dancing characteristics, nobody to lose or win.

makare kare 4 After the war is finished the participant will be given the traditional medicine made from turmeric, vinegar and other tradtional materials where this recipe very powerful way to heal the wounds after involved in Mekare kare/ pandan War.

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