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Strawberry Stop, One Stop Strawberry Solution at Bedugul,Bali

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Located in Candikuning village 35 km from city of Tabanan and about 40 km from Denpasar. This place offered the best strawberry product with the cool weather that make us very comfortable to stay and spend many hours here. Established in strategic place in one of the famous tourism area in Bali there is  Bedugul, served with beautiful mountain scenery.

History of Strawberry Stop Restaurant

strawberry ice cream and milkshakes Stawberry Stop Restaurant is one of the restaurant that was in  tourism area in the village of Candi Kuning precisely in Baturitri District, Tabanan regency, Strawberry-stop restaurant in accordance with its name as the product carry mainstay strawberry  commodity. Strawberry Stop is the first pioneering on the development, cultivation and processing strawberries in Indonesia.
At first the owner of this restaurant Nyoman Suta is an ordinary small traders began trying in 1986 ,which is used to  Nyoman Suta sells only vegetables and began to cultivate strawberries. Vegetables and strawberries are sold to  extent the results of its own farm to the  traditional markets, hotels and restaurstrawberry farmants located in  around its business place. Along with the increase in buyers from hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and others who require the owner to provide the product in larger quantities and continuous. The products are obtained by buying with other farmers, thus requiring a larger capital. To obtain credit in the form of bank and effort to maintain market confidence, then the owner legally established company that can be accounted for, thus forming a UD. Setia Asih (Trade Company) on 27 september 1993 with Business license number (SIUP) 98/22.07/PK/B/IX/93.
In 1995 the company established by Nyoman Suta began to flourish especially in strawberry cultivation until make the company over-production, from the owner had an idea  to utilize excess of production from the garden stoberi by making various processed products( especially in strawberry product) from remaining excess production of strawberries in a variety of packaging food and beverages and of course to be easier to market it then Nyoman Suta established a restaurant in the front of  strawberry garden named Strawberry Stop Restaurant. 

Products of Strawberry Stop Restaurant

The types of products offered by strawberry-stop restaurant is a strawberry product processed commodities consisting of :

  1. juice,
  2. pancakes,
  3. jam
  4. dodol
  5. strawberry milkshakes
  6. strawberry ice cream.
  7. strawberry with ice cream and honey
  8. strawberry with honey
  9. strawberry with sugar

Besides the mainstay product above, Strawberry Stop Reastaurant also sell other products not only Strawberry  food and beverage such as Food and desert (fried rice, spaghetti, fried chicken, etc) special omelette (chicken omelette, vegetable omelette,etc) Special jaffle ( cheese jaffle, ham cheese jaffle) Special juice (banana, apple, mango, tomato, avocado, orange, tomarilo, lemon, mixed, ice lemon tea, ice tea ), milkshake (banana, apple tomarilo) , hot drink ( coffe with milk, hot orange, hot lemon, hot chocolate, black coffee, hot tea) Cold Drink (beer, coca cola,etc) and Wine

                                               Price of each product

Product name

Price ( in rupiah) indonesian currency

  1. Juice
  2. Pancake
  3. Dodol
  4. Milkshake
  5. Strawberry Ice cream
  6. Strawberry with ice cream and honey
  7. Strawberry with honey
  8. Strawberry with sugar
  9. Special Omelette
  10. Special Jaffle
  11. Cold Drink
  12. Hot Drink
  13. Food and Desert
  • Rp 8.000
  • Rp 15.000
  • Rp 5.000
  • Rp 10.000
  • Rp. 8.000
  • Rp 10.000
  • Rp 7.000
  • Rp. 6.000
  • Rp 9.000
  • Rp 10.000
  • Rp 30.000
  • Rp 5.000
  • Rp 20.000

beautiful view of Strawberry Stop All product prices very cheap and affordable here and the advantages of processed foods in Strawberry Stop is not to use pesticides ( organic food) and taken from fresh fruit so besides delicious product we can get,we also get the benefit of healthy organic product , not only that , special activity here is the  costumers are given the opportunity to reap the fruit where they want to be the preferred food and beverages directly from the Strawberry Stop farm behind the restaurant,,,,COME TO BALI , VISIT NOW OR REGRET

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