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Calon Arang, Devil Dance for Goodness

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This dance tells the story of events that occurred during the reign of Prabu Erlangga in KAHURIPAN (East Java) in the IX century. He tells the widow's act of black magic and teachers from Dirah named Calonarang that attack which caused the collapse of empire Daha and killed many innocent human lifes. To stop the act of widow which is mother of Mangali Ratna,Prabu Erlangga asked for assistance to a Brahmin in the TulisValley named Mpu Bharadah, who defeated Calonarang with his white magic. The part of the story Calonarang commonly performed are: Rachael Katundung Mangali, Iyeg Rarung, Kautus Mpu Bahula, and Pangesengan Baingin. Balinese people also include the story of Balian Batur, Basur, Sudarsana, Patih Prabangsa, and Dayu Datu, somewhat about the black magic, as the play of Calonarang.

Definition of Calon Arang

Calonarang dance is one of Balinese arts which are included in the category of art for the sake of a sacred ritual (guardian) of course not all the time performed, usually at certain moments as a means to "melukat '(clean villages).in Kuta, every year this show is always held before the temple ceremony (odalan) at Pura Dalem. For area of Kuta, this ceremony started from Setra adat (public cemetary) that is located near the five stars hotel Paradiso and held in front of the of Kuta markets.

Historcalon arangy of Calon Arang Dance

Magical ritual dance that presents the stories associated with witchcraft, black magic and white magic, known as Pangiwa / Pangleyakan and Panengen. Play is shown on the roots from Calonarang story, a semi-historical story of the reign of King Airlangga KAHURIPAN (East Java) in the IX century. Because in some parts of the show displays power struggle and immunities scenes (demonstrate death scene of bangke matah/ fake corpse, cruelly stabbed Rangda with sharp weapons) then Calonarang often reputed as a performance of supernatural power (spiritual). This show is essentially a combination of three important elements, namely Babarongan represented by the Barong , Rangda and Celuluk, Elements Pagambuhan represented by Condong, Putri, Patih Manis (Panji) dan Patih Keras (Pandung) and Palegongan represented by Sisiya (student). Other important figures of this show are Matah Gede and Bondres.

Calonarang Developments Nowdays

Calonarang Dance, which has remained popular by the people of Bali, has now evolved into three variants: Classical Calonarang, Calonarang Prembon, and Calonarang Anyar. All three are still showing the play issues related to black magic (pangeliyakan), each variant presents the play Calonarang use different elements of art, with the show structure and focus of different aesthetic.

Calonarang Classic, which is expected to appear around the end of XIX century in the West Gianyar (Batubulan, Singapadu, Sukawati), formed by elements of Bebarongan, Pegambuhan, and Palegongan (three types of classical performing arts are well developed in Gianyar Regency). Babarongan element represented by Barong ket, Rangda, and Celuluk

Calonarang Classic performance (like the one in the Village Singapadu, Batubulan, Sukawati, and surrounding area) includes three parts: the opening (pategak), servings of dance and drama (paigelan), and the closing (panyuwud). Part paigelan still be separated into two: free dance (pangelembar) and dances in a play (lampahan). To start the show, usually played drum pategak Changes faces of Calonarang performances in Bali lately interesting to watch. Lately Calonarang dance, including other similar arts such as puppet Calonarang, Arja Calonarang (Basur), tend to become more fierce and challenging with scenes shown exhibition showing immunity and spiritual strength.

Musical accompanist
Calonarang Accompanied by the Gamelan Semar Calonarang Pagulingan, Bebarongan, and Gong Kebyar.   ( Baslinese traditional musical instruments)

Place of Calonarang dance
In terms of the staging, the show is usually performed near the cemetary (Pura Dalem) and arena plays always comes with a high hall (trajangan or tingga)and papaya trees.

Type of Calon Arang

Prembon Calon Arang at the heart of the matter is a mixture of dance Calonarang (per-imbuh-an) which combines elements of performance art Bebarongan, Pegambuhan, Palegongan, and Paarjaan. Paarjaan roles are put into Calonarang include: inya, Galuh, mantri manis , and mantri buduh. In the Calonarang Prembon peformance dialogue between the roles using song dialogue Pagambuhan (singing) as in Arja. In general, the structure of the Calonarang Prembon peformance not much different, it can even be said followed Calonarang Classic .
Calonarang Anyar (Contemporary) is a form development of most new dance Calonarang. The group began performing Calonarang with a different structure with the two forms mentioned in front Calonarang is Gazes ( group name) Denpasar through the show twice during the last two months in Ardha Candra Stage, Art Centre Denpasar .clip_image001

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